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Assist Community Initiatives (U)

Supporting Purposeful Development

introducing ACI
Working towards Financial Inclusion
ACI-UGANDA Microfinance

Finding a local solution that solves a major global problem of financial inclusion.
Developing and educating local community groups about financial literacy.

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Our Loan Products

Group Loans

Group loans are mainly used by women for income generating activities.

Individual Loans

Individual loans are targeted towards small and medium size businesses, regardless of the client’s gender.

Salary Loans

Salary loans are loans offered to salaried employees of reputable organizations in semi-urban and urban areas.

Financial Literacy

We provide financial literacy training to groups, and teach them financial responsibility.


Programs offered by



Finding a local solution that solves a major global problem of reducing financial inclusion.

Financial independence is a dream for everyone.


All children need love, help, hope, and someone who believes in them in order to succeed in life.

Education is one of the keys to this success.


ACI-Uganda healthcare program main goal is to improve access to healthcare services in rural communities of Uganda.

Economic Empowerment

Upskilling and providing hands-on training to the venerable population will help them to gain financial independence.

Climate Change Chapter.

The next generation cares about the climate change, and they need knowledge that will help them to protect and improve the quality of life.

Youth Outreach

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow and they need the right tools and motivation to succeed.

Sponsor a child today

Why Sponsor a child
  • It addresses barriers to education
  • It Reduces the chances of child labour and exploitation.
  • It fights against the cycle of poverty.
  • It promotes the welfare of children, their families and the communities they live in.

Your contribution matters

Our Impact

  • Significant poverty reduction among the women clients in our microfinance program
  • Women have started to break social barriers by interacting with other people in society, using their collective strength to address village issues more openly.
  • Improved household incomes and acquisition of assets.
  • More children are attending school.

Our partners

Backhouse Uganda

Wakiso NGO Forum

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Join us and this will be your spot

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