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Assist Community Initiatives (U)

Supporting Purposeful Development


Most of the underprivileged children do not have access to, or even attend a regular school. Further more, most of the educational facilities are inadequate or worn down due to lack of resources.

The environment is thus not conducive for educational purposes. We believe that every life matters and the only way to ensure a better future for these children is by offering them the opportunity of a lifetime to get a formal education.That is because education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers these children and evolves them into better citizens. For that reason ACI (U) set up this program to solicit and raise funds to educate deprived children in Uganda.

How it works


Any child (0-18) orphaned and rendered vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, abuse, war etc.


Following consultations with local leaders, a case survey i carried out to asses the status and situation of the child in question. This often includes home visits by ACI staff to appraise the level of vulnerability of the child´s family and for sponsorship comes from. It is from this “needs assessment” that a child profile is compiled and availed to potential sponsors.


As a sponsor, you get to connect with your child through letters, photos and progress reports from the school. You can even visit your child and exchange gifts.Through our newsletter and blog you get updates of the progress that show how your support is transforming the child´s family and community in which they live.


Directly to the child: 90% of the funds are allocated to the child’s most pressing needs such as their education, scholastic materials and healthcare.

Community development: we then take 7% of the funds to start an income generating activity for the sponsored child and their family. This contribution is pooled together into a fund which invests in community development projects. These projects are aimed at breaking the “dependency cycle” by spurring local economic growth and community initiatives which foster greater social impact.At ACI Uganda, we aim to empower families and communities so that they can generate their own resources and become self-sustainable.


Administration: finally we allocate only 3% of your contribution to the general administrative costs for running the program.

Child Profiles

  • 1. View the Child Profiles
  • 2. Choose a child(ren) you would like to sponsor.
  • 3. Mail us your choice(s) and we shall send to you a “Welcome pack” with the full child profile and photos of their current status and further explanation on how sponsorship with ACI-Uganda works