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Assist Community Initiatives (U)

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ACI-Health Networks

The majority of the Ugandan population are the rural poor many of whom live in risky environments lack access to basic healthcare services. Many of them cannot afford to pay for the services provided by the predominantly “fee-for–service” healthcare system in Uganda which in turn renders them vulnerable for a variety of potentially preventable diseases and disabilities.

In that poverty reinforces vulnerability and vice versa, the poor are less likely to take advantage of the opportunities that income generating activities avail to reduce poverty.

For this reason ACI-Health was set up to find out ways of mitigating health risks and vulnerability in the lives of the people at the “ base of the pyramid”. In essence that would mean access to quality health care services at an affordable cost.

The programmes

The priorities of this program include

Water and Sanitation

Access to Primary Health Care services

Nutrition and Food security

A healthy population is essential for the social-economic development of any country. In Uganda, poor access to an improved source of water in Uganda is a cause of water borne diseases which are a major source of infant mortality