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Child Sponsorship

The Assist Community Initiative Child and Family sponsorship programme aims to support families and children living in profound poverty in rural areas of Uganda. This is partly due to underdevelopment and to an extent, a result of the most recent global economic crisis, the after effects of which are still being felt in many rural areas of Uganda, making it impossible for the rural poor to meet the most fundamental of their needs.

The Child and Family sponsorship programme was created to address these issues and with your help, will be able to provide the following to the families in need:

•Emergency food and housing

•Access to medical services

•Household necessities like beds, mattresses


•Income-generating activity funds

•Economic empowerment

•And most of all, hope for a better future.

By building a connection with an individual family, you can see the impact of your donation is having on the family. Our commitment is not just to families but to the communities in which they live and their long-term development. READ ON



Health Networks


The priorities of this program include :


- Water and Sanitation

- Access to Primary Health Care services

- Nutrition and Food security


A healthy population is essential for the socioeconomic development of any country. In Uganda, poor access to an improved source of water in Uganda is a cause of water borne diseases which are a major source of infant mortality..READ ON


ACI - FINANCE(U) provides financial services to people in the low-income segment, supporting productive projects, which allow its clients to increase their incomes and enhance the quality of their lives, uplift their families and develop their communities. ..READ ON


Branch Office - Mutoola Hse, Ntinda Town Centre, KAMPALA


Join us and make a difference in peoples lives TODAY. ..

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Fundraising is a great way to support ACI (U). You, your friends, community, school or institution can have a significant impact on the lives of the marginalised people and their local communities...


Sponsor a child

Many children in Uganda lack access to formal schools. Through child sponsorship you can give them a life time opportunity of getting an education to beat the odds of becoming successful and productive members of their societies.



Your contribution can help to provide shelter, clean water and improved health care for countless needy children and their families.


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