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About us


ACI (U) is a Non Profit NGO which was established with a commitment to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged children, empower the marginalised especially women, to stop the cycle of poverty and transform the lives of the peri-urban and rural poor in Uganda .



To improve the quality of life of the rural and peri-urban poor, develop into a leading financial institution capable of fuelling the sustainable development of local communities.


Our Mission

The mission of ACI Uganda is to provide opportunities for education and skills training, improvement of access to basic health care services and economic empowerment of individuals, families and their communities through sustainable practices.


How we work

Our modus operandi at ACI-Uganda is to “focus on what matters “ which in our view means the promotion of human flourishing. The organisation uses a model whereby it identifies, handholds and builds capacities of both individuals and communities from a grassroots level to achieve scalability and sustainability. That gives a purpose to our work and the greatest fulfilment of empowering our clients. We make sure that everything we do just supports that - purposeful and sustainable development.

Our core values

We believe that that everyone views the world through a unique lens. Whatever we do, wherever we may be, we strive to serve and live by our core values which serve as an internal compass to guide our actions and shape our relationships.



Community ownership and Democracy

Communities are responsible for their own development based on their needs. We believe that communities can find all inclusive and democratic solutions to find solutions to enhance their lives and those of generations to come.


Team spirit

It binds us together with a common sense of purpose and achievement.



We affirm the worth of each individual and we treat all people with respect, integrity and dignity irrespective of faith, cultural background or race.



We embrace collaboration with partner organizations, volunteers and community leaders to harness the talents and utilize the creativity of all people to create synergy.


Branch Office - Mutoola Hse, Ntinda Town Centre, KAMPALA


Join us and make a difference in peoples lives TODAY. ..

Here is how




Fundraising is a great way to support ACI (U). You, your friends, community, school or institution can have a significant impact on the lives of the marginalised people and their local communities...


Sponsor a child

Many children in Uganda lack access to formal schools. Through child sponsorship you can give them a life time opportunity of getting an education to beat the odds of becoming successful and productive members of their societies.



Your contribution can help to provide shelter, clean water and improved health care for countless needy children and their families.




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